COVID-19 UPDATE – JUNE 26, 2020

During these challenging times we want to continue to reassure our students, their parents, our youth exchange officers, counselors, and host families that we are committed to sending and receiving youth exchange students for the 2020-21 exchange year. Many Rotary districts have decided to cancel their efforts for the coming year, but we feel we owe it to our students, who have planned and dreamed of this opportunity, to do everything we can to fulfill their dream. All of our international partners share this philosophy, and are working hard to ensure the students will be able to experience their exchange this school year.

With the newly-issued guidelines from Rotary International and the current status worldwide regarding the issuance of student visas, we are resigned that students will not be able to travel to their host countries until January 1, 2021. Although some countries had expressed that they would open their borders earlier, other factors have made it clear that is very unlikely to happen for students enrolled in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

So, we move forward, keeping students engaged with learning their new language, and studying the culture and government of their host country. Please check back for further updates as they become available,or contact us at D5160YEXOutbound@gmail.com.

Please revisit this website for updates as we move forward through this difficult time.


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