Qualifying Volunteers

The following steps will be used as you qualify your volunteers:
1.  Application link
2. Background Check
3.  Training Requirements
4.  Interview

Application links – in the YEAH system, Volunteers (Counselors and Youth Exchange Officers) are different than Host Families.  For those of you who are Host Families AND Volunteers, you have to apply TWICE, once for each position.  In general, however, all you have to do is to forward one of the links below to your contact.  Each one is a link to the application for the job they will be performing.  Here they are:

Volunteer Link:     http://yehub.net/W16-volapp
Host Family Link:     http://yehub.net/W16-hfapp

Note: if you are RENEWING an application, do NOT use these links. Please ask for a RENEWAL link to be sent to you. If you use these links to RENEW, you will create a duplicate entry in the database.

References – The online application includes a request for personal references. The applicant will be asked to provide contact information for three references so an e-mail reference link can be sent directly from the YEAH system.

Background Check – Once an application is submitted, we will notify Intellicorp and they will send the applicant an online background check form.

Training Requirements – The YEAH system automatically sends out links for all required training. Each applicant must complete Youth Protection Awareness training and US DOS Local Coordinator training.

Interview – Once all other requirements have cleared, a member of the Youth Exchange Committee will reach out to the applicant to conduct the  interview either in person or over Zoom.

Updates – The YEAH system automatically sends out links for the updates required of all volunteers.  Background checks and US DOS Local Coordinator training must be completed annually. Applications and Youth Protection Awareness training must be renewed every three years.