Monthly Reports

MANDATORY monthly reports are due by the 15th of each month!

The monthly report template can be accessed through the Counselor and Youth Exchange Officer portal.

Now that all of our young ambassadors are here, we get to start getting to know them, as well as their host families. And we show it by submitting a “monthly counselor report” by the end of each month.

The good news is:
1) The more contact you have with your student and their families, the more fun you are likely to have as a counselor. The Dept. of State requires that we have monthly contact with student and family, but we ask that you have at least twice-monthly contact and weekly contact is even better. You will figure out with your student (and host families), as you get to know each other better, what that contact will look like.

2) It takes about a minute to log into the YEO Portal (click on “Inbound Students”, then on “Select a current inbound student”, then on your student’s name, scroll down to the bottom of your student’s screen and click on “Submit Monthly Counselor Report”) and complete/submit your monthly counselor report. It will take a little longer if you add in some specific comments about how things are going, in the “comments” section. We hope you will take that little extra time; these reports are actually read (!!!) and it’s a delight to hear when things are going well, and if there are problems they can be monitored or pounced on quickly.

The bad news is:
If you don’t submit your monthly counselor report by 5 days before the end of the month, you will get an automated message from Rotary D5160 Youth Exchange reminding you to do it. And if you’ve not done it by the last second of the last day of the month you’ll get another one! And if you STILL don’t do it, you might actually get an e-mail from a real live nag within the district!