Qualifying Host Families

The following steps will be used as you qualify your host families:
1.  Application links
2.  Background Check
3.  First Host Family Visit
4.  Host Family Orientation Report
5.  Second Host Family Visit
6.  Training Requirements

NOTE:  A student cannot move in with a Host Family until all steps are completed.

1.  Application links in the YEAH system, Volunteers (Counselors and Youth Exchange Officers) are different than Host Families.  For those of you who are Host Families AND Volunteers, you have to apply TWICE, once for each position.  In general, however, all you have to do is to forward one of the links below to your contact.  Each one is a link to the application for the job they will be performing.  Here they are:

Volunteer Link:     http://yehub.net/W16-volapp
Host Family Link:     http://yehub.net/W16-hfapp

Note: if you are RENEWING an application, do NOT use these links. Please ask for a RENEWAL link to be sent to you. If you use these links to RENEW, you will create a duplicate entry in the database.

Please let your host families know that one person can fill out the application for the whole family.  If they’re prepared, they can do it all in one sitting!  Remind them to “electronically sign” the application at the end, by typing in the name and birth date of everybody in the household 18 years and older. The following items should be readily available:

  • The name and contact info of two references.  They will be contacted by e-mail so PLEASE double/triple-check for accuracy the e-mail address you provide for each.  A non-viable e-mail address slows the process waaaaay down and makes more work for everybody!  Note, too, that you may NOT use relatives or anybody involved in our Rotary D5160 Youth Exchange program!  Let your references know to expect an e-mail from Rotary D5160 Youth Exchange  (check spam/junk folders) which will contain a link to a short form for them to complete and submit.
  • Photos of the family, the exterior of your house, the kitchen, the living area, the bedroom and the bathroom the student will use.  Photo size is limited to 8mb.

Single parent with no children living at home?  Not a problem!  Just let us know as there are two more forms to fill out. Here are the details:  The Department of State says that before a student is placed with a single parent host family without children living in the home, the student and parent/s needs to give written consent. Additionally a secondary level of review by a different Rotarian than did the initial review is also required of the host parent.

2.  Background Check – Once an application is submitted, we will notify Intellicorp and they will send the applicant an online background check form. A background check is required for host family members (18 and older).

3.  First Host Family Visit – The visit can take place at the initial meeting of the host family or after the host family has started the application process. Print out the Host Family Visit form and take it with you so you know what to look for/ask (link included below). The person who does the home visit must log into the YEAH Portal, click on Host Families and select the family for which they completed the visit.  The form will pop up for you to fill out and then you hit submit.  This will complete the initial Host Family Visit.  Once the host family has started their application in the YEAH database the Counselor or YEO must confirm that the photos uploaded by the family are correct and the home meets all the DOS guidelines.

Example Form: Host Family Visit Report

4.  Host Family Orientation – The Host Family Orientation must be conducted after the Host Family is qualified in all other areas. Please remember that you cannot do this at the same time as the Host Family Visit.  Once the Host Family is approved, the YEAH system will automatically send them an e-mail that they are approved and direct them to our website for the Department of State letter that we are required to give to them.  Please be sure to use the form below, making sure it is dated after the Host Family is qualified in all other areas.

Counselors/YEO cannot upload this form to YEAH. This form is scanned and e-mailed to the database coordinator who will review it and upload it to YEAH.

Report Link:     Host Family Orientation Report

5.  Second Host Family Visit – Within 60 days of a student moving into home, a second Host Family Visit needs to be conducted.  The process is the same as the first, however the person who completes the second Host Family Visit cannot be the person who conducted the first Host Family Visit. This visit should be unannounced.

Example Form: Host Family Visit Report

6.  Training Requirements – The YEAH system automatically sends out links for all required training.

7.  Updates – The YEAH system automatically sends out links for information required to renew a host family. Applications and background checks expire after a year and a half.