Academic Credit

Academic Credit for Your Year of Study Abroad

As soon as you have been selected for exchange, talk to your high school academic counselor.  Although you will be studying in a high school overseas, Rotary can not guarantee credits towards graduation back home.

You might consider taking required courses in advance of your departure, or make special arrangements for summer school after your return.  You should ask about the possibility of at least earning foreign language credits during your time away, perhaps with a test upon your return to document your level of foreign language skills.

Even though most schools will not guarantee credits ahead of time, you should bring back a copy of your high school transcripts from the time you were out of the country.  If available, obtain a copy of your student handbook  or ask your school in your host country for course descriptions.

The more information you bring home with you, the better your chances are of being granted school credits for your studies.  It is important to note that acceptable passing grades are going to be necessary for you to make a good case.  Your high school at home is the FINAL authority on this decision.


  • All Rotary Exchange Students MUST attend school during the exchange and stay for the entire school year (or until the semester break)
  • Correspond with your assigned school prior to departure
  • Return with documentation of attendance/completed classes
  • You must work with your home school for class/credit transfers