Long Term Exchange Program (LTEP) Application

Before you begin, please check your birth date!
Students must be no younger than 15 or older than 18.5 years on August 1 of the year they will depart.
Students typically depart in August for their year abroad.

  • Applications for the 2023-2024 exchange year are closed. Students have been selected and are abroad for their year abroad
  • Applications for the 2024-2025 exchange year are open! Check your birthdate against August 1, 2024 before continuing.

Applications for the 2024-2025 exchange year are OPEN and completed applications are due no later than November 15, 2023.
Remember that you need to be sponsored by a local Rotary Club.

District interviews have not been scheduled – please check back.

Please use this link to start the application process.
Pre-Application Information: Data Privacy Disclosures
Once you have read the information, you will be directed to the Application.

When the online portion of the Application is completed/submitted by the student, the system will send the student an e-mail:

There will be a link to a form to start the school reference request.  The student enters contact information for a teacher or school administrator of their choice and the system sends an e-mail to that person with instructions on how to complete the school reference.
This is all done on line and seamlessly through the system.

There will also be links/attachments/requests for additional documents and documents that require signatures.
Signatures all need to be in BLUE ink.
The following documents will compose the second half of the application:

1.      Medical Form
2.      Dental Form
3.      ***Endorsement from Sponsor Club
4.      Endorsement from Host Club
5.     ***Rules and Conditions of Exchange
6.     Official School Transcript
7.     Passport or Birth Certificate
8.     Host Family Referral Form
9.    ***Financial Agreement  (with$400 non-refundable application fee paid via check by the family)
The student will need to meet with their sponsoring Rotary Club to get signatures on the forms marked with (***).

As the documents are completed and signed, they are uploaded to the database system via a WebForm link created specifically for each student (also provided in the e-mail).

Note: the financial agreement and application fee must be submitted via hard copy as we don’t have an option for an online payment.

If you have questions, please contact our Outbound Coordinator, Justin Miley
D5160YEXOutbound@gmail.com, (C) 530-519-2535